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Review Steps

All submissions will be assigned to at least reviewers to conduct peer-review in 5 steps which are illustrated in the following diagrams. Shortly after we receive your submission, the Editorial Office will pre-screen your manuscript in 1 week. The officer will check your language fluency and accuracy and decide whether your submission is valid. The formal review process below is formulated by other reviewers. The Editorial Board is entitled to decide whether your manuscript is accepted or not. All submitted papers will be reviewed in about 4 weeks.

Type of Peer Review

This journal adopts a blind reviewing process, which both the reviewers and authors remain anonymous throughout the process.

Formal Conditions of Acceptance

Each paper submitted to IJCSAI will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. The level of manuscript will be scaled as 1 to 5 (5 being the highest score and 1 denoting the lowest). Papers graded above 3 (including 3) are acceptable, while those graded blow 3 need to be significantly modified and could be conditionally accepted.
Linguistic review will be conducted in perspectives of sentence structure, facility with language, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, etc.
Thematic review plays a more important role in deciding whether a paper is acceptable, which is conducted in respects of originality of the subject, significance of theory and practice, controlling idea of the paper, quality of the content, and sources of information, etc.